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Diagnostic Ultrasound

We are committed to providing the most advanced technology with the Esaote MyLabTwice Ultrasound device. Better resolution, faster scan times, and faster, more powerful computers allow for better image quality. Our Ultrasound team is staffed by nationally registered Ultrasonographers.

The team of radiologists and technologists at Lakeview Medical Center pride themselves on their accommodating, friendly and approachable nature. Our goals are to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible, to acquire diagnostic images rapidly and accurately and to assist the clinicians in diagnosing conditions.

Patient Preparation

Gallbladder, RUQ and Abdomen - The patient should have no Food by mouth after midnight to minimize bowel gas and studies should be performed early in the day. Bowel prep is usually not necessary. The patient should take morning medications with sips of water only and abstain from dairy products or citrus juices as they may cause abdominal gas. The patient should not chew gum or smoke the morning of the exam as this may increase swallowing of air. Consideration should be given to patients who need to eat in order to take medications, i.e., those with diabetes.

Pelvic, OB and Bladder Ultrasound - Drink 32 ounces of water starting one hour prior to exam.

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