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May Measurement Month: So, Let’s Get Real

April 24th, 2017

By John Kenerson, MD

Throughout the month of May, Bayview Physicians Group is participating in a global effort to bring awareness to Blood Pressure.  High Blood Pressure is the largest contributing risk factor for death worldwide, and having it measured is the first step toward creating a longer, healthier life.

Did you know?

• That the global burden of Hypertension or High Blood Pressure Disease is increasing, and with a projected incidence of 30% will affect 1.5 billion people by the year 2025
• That Hypertension causes 10 million deaths worldwide every year
• That in the U.S. we are approaching 78 million adults with High Blood Pressure
• That the prevalence is 42% for men, and 47% for women of African Ancestry
• That the prognosis is very negative for people with Diabetes and Kidney Disease
• That people with Hypertension die from Heart Disease, including Coronary Artery Disease and heart failure, kidney failure, Peripheral Artery Disease and aneurysm, and not only devastating stroke but also vascular dementia
• That the National Committee for Quality Assurance has stated that Hypertension medical intervention would save the most lives, and second most hospitalization costs

Do you know?

• Your Blood Pressure Measurement Number?

Because, at the end of the day, if you suffer or die from a devastating stroke or other hypertension related adverse event, does it really matter that you are in the company of millions around the world who never had the chance to take actions to alter the outcome?

Because, at the end of the May Measurement Month, you should know your number to protect yourself, and have a tremendous opportunity to have your Blood Pressure screened at no cost.

Because your medical providers have no chance to control your hypertension risk if they do not diagnose and treat first. You cannot be adequately treated if you are anonymous! 

So let’s get real

I have had the honor and privilege to be very involved in leadership with the World Hypertension League and others, battling the scourge of severe Hypertension in places around the world where there are devastating consequences.  Make no mistake, some of my local and regional community neighbors are at just as high a risk.  It might be easy to say “you know who you are,” but unfortunately you may not.

Please get your Blood Pressure measurement screened during the month of May.  There is no excuse.  May is “Make It Happen Month!”