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Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening

October 3rd, 2015

By Dr. Idalia Rosado-Torres

During Breast Cancer Awareness month our goal is to raise awareness of a disease that is still taking many lives, and for which more research is needed for additional treatment options.  One of the greatest tolls in the fight against Breast Cancer is breast cancer screening.  As a physician I strongly believe that by gathering a thorough family history, a patient can be provided with the information that will not only affect the way this patient is screened but may also affect her decision about prophylactic procedures.  A family history makes a physician aware of those patients that are eligible for genetic screening.  By addressing breast cancer through counseling, a thorough family history and breast screening, I believe we can decrease the amount of women that will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  As we support all those women that are battling breast cancer, let us practice prevention through counseling and genetic screening so that we can try to increase the number of patients that get diagnosed early.  Talk to your physician about genetic screening, and whether or not you are a candidate.